World Food Safety Day 2022: Safer Food, Better Health

Every year, one in ten people in the world fall ill due to contaminated food. While food is safer than it has ever been, there is still a lot of work to be done in modernizing food production processes to assure food safety. World Food Safety Day is an annual celebration established by the United Nations to inspire organized action. This year's slogan "Safer food, better health" tells us that safe food is essential to human health and well-being. There can't be food security without food safety. 

Arnaud Valembois, Deputy General Manager & COO at Novolyze gives us his thoughts on the importance of Food Safety & Quality and what it personnally means for him to help make food safer.


Food Safety is Everyone's Business

World Food Safety Day is a reminder that we all play a role in keeping food safe, throughout the supply chain, from farm to table. Novolyze is committed to do its part by developing better tools to produce safer food. 

One such tool is digitalization. There is an undeniable benefit in real-time monitoring. It offers businesses a continuous view of their process performance and enables them to be proactive in addressing safety and quality risks before the finished product ships to consumers. Another benefit is the reduction of tedious paperwork which translates into manufacturing efficiencies and improves responsiveness to market changes. As a bonus, preventive and remediation actions recorded via digital tools are readily available for audit purposes. 

Food Safety is Grounded on Science

The work of food scientists, microbiologists, doctors, and other specialists informs what kind of food production practices across the food chain are needed to make food safe. Novolyze is staffed with trained people to assess existing practices and implement better methods in environmental monitoring, process validation and verification. We help our clients build business cases and develop digitalization roadmaps to facilitate implementation. Novolyze is also regularly offering informational sessions and workshops on food safety which are open to everyone upon registration.

Moussa Ndiaye, Project Officer & Business Unit Manager shares why he is proud, as a father, a son, and a member of the community, to be contributing to Food Safety. 


Food companies are urged to take food safety commitments seriously. Everyone involved in food production, processing, distribution, and retail must ensure compliance with the relevant standards. Compliance need not be unwieldy and expensive. On the contrary, compliance with international food standards reduces liabilities and expands market access. At Novolyze, we highlight examples of how standards have made a difference. 

Take a concrete step during World Food Safety Day. Contact a Novolyze representative to update your awareness on digitalization success stories in similar factories and rapidly identify areas for improvement in your own factory. 

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