Unlocking Food Safety and Quality Excellence with Max ROI: The Novolyze SMART Process Control Advantage

Novolyze SMART Process Control, in conjunction with other Novolyze food safety and quality solutions, is revolutionizing the industry by offering material savings in operational costs and efficiencies for rapid return on investment.

In this post, we'll explore how SMART Process Control and related offerings enable a variety of customers across the food and beverage industry to eliminate waste, improve efficiency and achieve corporate sustainability initiatives.

The Science-Based Strategy:
Minimizing Risks and Maximizing Efficiency

SMART Process Control relies on a science-based real-time control of processing parameters, ensuring that food safety and quality are never compromised.

SMART Process Control doesn't just excel in ensuring food safety and quality; it also promises industry leading return on investment. This cloud-based service is designed to provide evidence of compliance at any time, minimize rework, and correct deviations in real-time. Significantly, as a subscription offering it does not require capital expenditure, reducing upfront costs and providing predictability in planning future expense.

Case Study: Meat Products - Sous Vide and Oven

An illustrative case study paints a compelling picture of what the SMART Process Control solution can do for your business. One meat product manufacturer reaped substantial benefits, including:

  • $4.9 million in additional production
  • 410 more batches per year
  • 7.5% increase in equipment capacity
  • 3,488 hours saved annually

SMART Process Control eliminated inefficiencies, boosted throughput, and slashed carbon footprint.

Case Study: Contract Manufacturer Achieves Efficiency Gains

A contract manufacturer, delivering products to grocery giants, underwent a transformation with SMART Process Control, and here's what they achieved:

  • 13% reduction in cook time
  • 95.8% decrease in "in-process" waste
  • 22% reduction in "in-process" labor
  • The complete elimination of data loggers
  • 84% drop in rework due to non-conformities

SMART Process Control ensured cost savings while enhancing productivity, a true win-win for all stakeholders.

Case Study: Global Beef and Poultry Processor Reduces Overprocessing

A global beef and poultry processor employed SMART Process Control to eliminate overprocessing and enhance food safety and quality. Their results were remarkable:

  • 12.2% increase in throughput
  • 1.3% boost in yield
  • 89.4% decrease in "in-process" waste
  • A swift return on investment in just 195 days
  • Assurance that all batches met the food safety objective of 7 logs

In essence, the SMART Process Control offered a shortcut to efficiency and profitability, while ensuring food safety.

Novolyze SMART Process Control, and other Novolyze food safety and quality solutions, present a unique opportunity for companies to enhance their food safety and quality performance while reducing operational costs and improving efficiency. The science-based approach, real-time monitoring, and cloud-based platform ensure both safety and efficiency. This not only leads to improved compliance and quality, but also yields a high return on investment with reduced upfront costs.

By partnering with Novolyze, you can make your organization thankful for the cost-effective and performance-boosting solution at its disposal.

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